Sunday, December 19, 2010

Armando and Zion!
Ashley (right) and Julia (left)
Olivia and I.
Susana listening to a preaching.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cousin Kaylee holding Grace Anne.
Hannah (right) and her cousin Maya.

Friends Forever!
Rachel Horn and my baby sister.

Armando Guzman and my cousin Caleb Salyer
Rebeca Orr
Britney and my cousin Lauren.
My good friend Ariana.

My sister Noemi and Grandma Cambell!
Dad and Mom!
The Tafur family!
The Bustamante family. They loved the conference!
When we were having our church meeting, Patrick was asked to share his testimony on what God has done in His life.
Patrick sharing his testimony to our group.
On Saturday night, the families from our church had a meeting together to share what God taught us in the amazing conference.
The last night of the Conference it snowed, so in the morning the sight was breathtaking! I never thought I would see that much snow in North Carolina, but I'm glad I did!
The snowed looked so beautiful! It reminded me of God's creation!